Think GREEN!

Portland`s beautiful tidal basin, known as Back Cove, has been home to Forest Park apartments since 1944. Among the beautiful homes and breathtaking views of downtown Portland, sits this landmark apartment community, which many Mainers have called home over the years. But, as the new signs attest, Forest Park apartments is now Princeton on Back Cove. In a move that is more than just a name change, Princeton Properties is offering apartment living that fits into today`s eco-friendly lifestyle.

Benefit from eco-friendly initiatives:
  •  Apartments heated with Webber Energy`s new fuel comprised of heating oil mixed with fats and vegetable oils.  Heating with domestic renewable natural products is part of Princeton`s ongoing commitment to reduce heating oil consumption and to align business practices with consideration for the environment.
  • Princeton uses thousands of gallons of paint and will now paint all apartment homes with The hundreds of gallons of paint used for apartment interiors each year will now be the Sherwin Williams  Pro Green 200 product.  This paint meets or exceeds GS-11 standards and has a low VOC (volative organic compounds). 
  • Recycling will be of high importance and the residents will be able to recycle everything much of their consumer waste, including their old computers.
  • Finally, with the price of gasoline soaring, Princeton will offer "Rent to Ride" bikes bicycles at the office.  As in France where bikes are on every street corner, at Princeton on Back Cove, a resident can simply sign out a bike at the office and pedal into town or around Back Cove`s three mile trail.
  • Smoke free and pet-friendly apartment options are available.